Recruiter Resources


Similar to the candidate resource section here are some useful links and interesting areas for Recruiters to explore.


Hung Lee - Recruiting brainfood

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Follow Mitch Sullivan

Quite controversial, direct and to the point. He releases some great content on advert writing and has a good e-book. 


The Hunted

They release some of the best content I've seen. Sign up for the free Friday newsletter which has loads of juicy content around apps and the latest recruitment jobs across the globe. 


Greg Savage

The godfather of recruitment! Worth following on LinkedIn.


The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast 

Hosted by Hishem Azzouz, a fresh approach to the recruitment scene, he talks to a range of recruiters from all areas. 


Terry Edwards

He has his own podcast, book and training programs. Worth following on all channels.


Roy Ripper

A really enjoyable podcast called the Recruiters Live Lounge and interviews with some of the best recruitment leaders in the business.